01 February 2011

Self Portrait

As predicted we are being pounded with snow as I type.  They are actually calling it a blizzard and our weathermen and women are so funny to watch.  It's as if Armageddon is here.  T-town is shut down and everyone is trapped inside their homes awaiting rescue.  No, not really.  

So far we have about a foot of snow with more expected all day.  Yippeee.  Can you sense my lack of enthusiasm?  So what do you do when you're trapped inside with two lively kids (besides play in the snow...it is a blizzard people)?  Photograph them in the snow.  Well, if you think like me. 

I spent the morning wrapped in a vision of what my sui generis photograph would be.  As my idea unfolded I promptly briefed Isabella on our objective and prefaced it with "I owe you big time".  She reluctantly agreed and off to the loo we went to fashion braids.  I won't reveal to you my ingenious idea, but I will say it was crazy and it didn't work.  Isabella tried to comply, but trying to be creative and cooperative in a blizzard is arduous.  So, I decided to attempt a self portrait.  That too was mad as a March hare, but I did it.  Me, in front of the camera, a different side that made me a little self conscious.  But, I did it.  Maybe when the blizzard isn't blizzarding anymore I can attempt my work of art again.  

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