29 July 2008

The Last Lecture

Tristan and I just spent the last hour watching the story of Randy Pausch. I had never heard of him or his story or his book. After watching the story tonight which aired on Primetime I am so moved. After soaking my shirt with tears I wiped my face and Tristan and I hugged each other so tight. All we wanted to do was hold our babies. It's a very touching story and if you haven't heard about his amazing story I strongly suggest you read about it or watch it. Have a good night :)

28 July 2008

Evolution and a 5 year old...

A few minutes ago:

Bella: "Mommy, did you know that some people say that people come from animals!
Some say that we come from monkeys!"

Me: "Who says that?"

Bella: (frustrated with me as usual) "Some people! Nobody I know though."

Me: "Oh, o'kay. What do you think about that?"

Bella: "It's weird." (She made her stinky face)

Then moments later Jude comes into the room.

Jude: "Mama, I hungey."

Me: "You are?"

Jude: "Yeah, I didn't eat bekfest." (It's 5:15 here, now do you
REALLY think the child did not eat breakfast?)

So not only are our children learning the theory of evolution, but they're starving as well!

Bad Blogger!

I know, I know...I have received several e-mails scolding me for my lack of blogging so I thought I better post something today or else! So this has been a crazy month. I was so excited to see that my IPhone would be exceptional for blogging at the beach and on the road, but soon realized I couldn't upload photos to the blog. I decided to wait until we got home. I'm ever so disappointed in myself though b/c I failed miserably to take pictures of our vacation. I did however get a few with my phone and one night at the beach with my Nikon. I'll share, but they are so bad and not edited. Well, a few are :)

So here are some highlights from the trip:

* Jude was bit on the toe by a crab
* Audrey was stung by a jelly fish
* We saw a shrunken head (a real one)
* Bella shook hands with a dolphin
* Tristan almost stepped on a stingray
* I didn't get horribly sunburned, in fact, no one did
* We had doughnuts every morning for breakfast
* A sea turtle laid eggs on the beach
* I didn't take many photos and actually got to live in the moment
* We got to spend a week with my totally rockin' little sister, the other totally
rocking little sister didn't go.
* We finally found the Cost World Market!!!
* We had an incredibly good time together and made lots of memories.

So how's that for a recap?

So when we got home, life has kept me from the blog. We turned our sun room into a playroom for the kids, Tristan got the key to his new building, we made a space so T's drums can move back into the house, and we made a BIG decision.

Many of you might laugh at the big decision we made b/c I am such an advocate of what we're not going to do. We decided to put Bella in school this year. I am so happy about the decision we made b/c it works best for our family's circumstances. But hopefully one day we will be a homeschooling family. We spent last week buying school supplies and uniforms so Bella is very excited! We also ran into one of her Pre-K teachers and found out that she will be a teacher's aide for Kindergarten this year!!!! OK, so now for some pictures :)

11 July 2008

We're Off!

Ahhhh...the joys of modern technology. I have been chatting with dad or texting, getting our route from google maps, played old crow medicine show and now I'm posting in my blog. All from my I-Phone since 5 am. Everyone's wide awake except Audrey and the kids are squealing "I'm hungry, can we watch a movie?" "No" I say, but sadly I feel the same as them! Mc'Ds here we come. We already drank our QT coffee too! Anywho, check back for more updates!

08 July 2008

A what?!

So tonight I got the kids out of the tub, put their jammies on and brushed their hair and teeth. We have problems in this house when it comes to brushing little miss flossy's hair. It's long and thick and she is very tender headed. So, she HATES to have her hair brushed. While I'm brushing her hair she's chatting up a storm, as usual, and I notice she isn't screaming. Her hair is tangled and I mean tuh-angled. It went like this:

Me: Wow, you have lots of tangled.

Bella: Yeah, I know. I'm being brave :)

Me: You sure are, I wonder why it's extra tangley tonight.

Bella: Ummmm...because it's a rat's breast!

There was a pause and silence filled the room. I looked at her and she looked back at me in the mirror and we bursted with laughter.

Bella: (laughing) I meant to say nest!

Then she proceeded to talk about all the animals that have nests. For example bird's nest, giraffe nests-oh wait giraffes don't have nests!

There's never a dull moment in our house and I love it!

Nothin' new....

That's why I haven't blogged in awhile. We're leaving for the beach in 3 days and I just can't get excited about it! What's wrong with me? I think once we get on the road, at 4am mind you, Friday I will be stoked. Did I really just use that word? Ok, well I'm ofically 29 now and can no longer use words like that. It just dawned on me the other day that I'm a grown up! One year away from 30...YIKES! Time flies. I'll be packed tonight which is a record b/c I'm usually frantically packing the night before and I'm not a pleasure to be around. But, I get the job done and enjoy vacation from there.

Anyways, when we get back I have sessions galore, we're turning our sunroom into a playroom, moving Tristan's drums back in the house and preparing for homeschool. So, today I am going to finish packing, make banana bread and then dinner (corn bread and taco rice salad). Then later tonight one last and final trip to target.

I do have some pictures to share. One of our sill dog, Fiona. And a few from Uncle Rob and Aunt Celeste's house this weekend.