28 July 2008

Bad Blogger!

I know, I know...I have received several e-mails scolding me for my lack of blogging so I thought I better post something today or else! So this has been a crazy month. I was so excited to see that my IPhone would be exceptional for blogging at the beach and on the road, but soon realized I couldn't upload photos to the blog. I decided to wait until we got home. I'm ever so disappointed in myself though b/c I failed miserably to take pictures of our vacation. I did however get a few with my phone and one night at the beach with my Nikon. I'll share, but they are so bad and not edited. Well, a few are :)

So here are some highlights from the trip:

* Jude was bit on the toe by a crab
* Audrey was stung by a jelly fish
* We saw a shrunken head (a real one)
* Bella shook hands with a dolphin
* Tristan almost stepped on a stingray
* I didn't get horribly sunburned, in fact, no one did
* We had doughnuts every morning for breakfast
* A sea turtle laid eggs on the beach
* I didn't take many photos and actually got to live in the moment
* We got to spend a week with my totally rockin' little sister, the other totally
rocking little sister didn't go.
* We finally found the Cost World Market!!!
* We had an incredibly good time together and made lots of memories.

So how's that for a recap?

So when we got home, life has kept me from the blog. We turned our sun room into a playroom for the kids, Tristan got the key to his new building, we made a space so T's drums can move back into the house, and we made a BIG decision.

Many of you might laugh at the big decision we made b/c I am such an advocate of what we're not going to do. We decided to put Bella in school this year. I am so happy about the decision we made b/c it works best for our family's circumstances. But hopefully one day we will be a homeschooling family. We spent last week buying school supplies and uniforms so Bella is very excited! We also ran into one of her Pre-K teachers and found out that she will be a teacher's aide for Kindergarten this year!!!! OK, so now for some pictures :)

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S&G's Mom said...

SOUNDS HEAVENLY!! And i love the pictures, they're great but where are you!! And on your decision, darn, i was hoping to hear from you how you liked it and what to do vs. not to do...before i made a sound decision on what I'm going to do. Oh well. I say "Do whatever works for you at the time!!!"

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