19 November 2009

Lack Of Blogging Means....

So yesterday morning I was unloading the dishwasher and putting the dishes away. I grabbed (what I thought was) a nice clean coffee mug from the counter of clean dishes and turned it over to put in the cabinet only to spill my half drinkan (is that a word) cup of coffee all over me, the cabinets, counter tops and floors.

Everyone in our house managed to step in dog poop last week (except Tristan b/c he was working). Did I mention I hate my dog right now?

I went on an emotional rampage about how everyone always needs things from me and always asks for things from me all the time and no one loves me and I don't even know why I'm here. Why? Because my granny asked me to stop and get her some thread. In my defense I did spend 2 hours at the fabric store with her days prior ;)

I feel like the worlds worse mom :( Just ask my kids.

Why is that parents act like complete morons in the car pool line at school. I mean how selfish can they be!

All I want right now is a big bowl of GLUTEN!!!

And chocolate and wine and everything else I can't have because of my stupid allergies.

Oh and did I mention I want to move to the mountains BY MYSELF!!!!!!