30 September 2009


Today Brian would be 32. We're thinking of him, his family and baby Tristyn. It still doesn't seem real. Just when you think you have grieved and accepted, it rears it's ugly head again. We miss him and love him. Cherish your friends and your family. Always let them know how much they are loved...

peace and love,

Bright Start...

Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong era? I was. I know I was. Sometimes I look around at the world we live in and my heart breaks. I long to live in a world of simplicity, community and strong family ties. A time when Mr. Vaught will leave poems expressing his love for me on my pillow in the morning. I would love to live in a cozy cottage surrounded by wild flowers and my children playing hide and seek in them. I truly believe one day I will. For now, I can be thankful that we have movies and I can watch this and dream....(i could watch this over and over)


21 September 2009

02 September 2009


On Monday we received heartbreaking news. It was a phone call from an old friend. One of our closest friends passed away. He was 31. He was like a brother to Tristan and although they were on different life paths, they stayed in touch, hugged when they saw each other, called when they had exciting news to share. He always said "Love you guys" when we parted and we said it back. He introduced Tristan and I. He would look at us and see the love we shared and say "You're welcome". He was the kind of person who could make you laugh even if he didn't feel like laughing. He left behind a mountain of friends and family who loved him dearly and a baby girl due in December whom he named after one of his best friends. Her name, "Tristyn Marie O'Day Cremin". Our kids called him Uncle B...he read stories to them. He just bought his fist house and was "settling down". Our paths were starting to cross again. Our lives were becoming similar in a way. I cannot express the pain we feel. It's devastating. But watching Tristan suffer so bad from losing a brother...a friend is painstaking. My heart goes out to Brians family and all those who loved him as much as we did and still do. We'll miss you B...until we meet again.