31 May 2008

Oh how time flies.

I love before and after shots of my kiddos and their friends. It's so neat to see how they have grown, but it makes me miss them as babies. The first picture is of Jude and Cameron when they were babies. The next picture is last yeat at Mayfest and the last picture was taken a few weeks ago at Mayfest!

29 May 2008

Last Day of School!

Bitter sweet. We have enjoyed PH so much this year and Isabella will miss her friends and teachers so much! The year has flown by and we're looking forward to a new year at home. Yes, we plan on homeschooling next year and as much of a challenge as it will be, we know there will be many blessings as well! To kick of the summer I thought we should start our very own family blog about us and our daily musings. It's a great way for us overworked housewives to vent and conversate ;) Unfortunately, I don't have the writing skills to go along with it, but I hope it will keep you informed, and ocassionally entertained. I recommend if you don't have a personal blog, get one (Miss Amanda ;). Anyways, to celebrate this bitter sweet day, I will leave you with a few photos. One of Flossy the first day of school with her baby face :)

And one of her taken the other day with one of her teachers. Look how much she has grown!