28 February 2011


The bed is starting to look like a bed!  YAY!  All that's left to do is the desk and shelves then off to be painted.  I finally picked a color scheme today.  It's really exciting...gray.  I know, thrilling huh?  I always seem to play it safe with color.  That's why I love all the little extra's that add color.  Anyways, progress.  That's all that matters :)  There are lots of DIY's in the works over the next couple of weeks.  I'll be sharing soon!  I thought I would share a photo of the bed my wonderful hubs took today as well as a preview of my new/old bike that a friend is restoring for us.  Mine is the olive green, and T's is red.  So exciting!  Can't wait to see all the new goodies on it.  It's getting an overhaul with new tires, a new brown saddle, cork grips and white cables.  I love my mountain bike, but a road bike will be so much better where I ride.  So, hopefully things will keep moving and I will be able to post something interesting and not so boring.  Until then, please bare with me :)

27 February 2011

The Weekend.

Friday night we went to a going away party for another friend moving to Thailand next month.  I made fruit kabobs.  I love the sight of fruit just washed with the tiny droplets of water.  I especially love it in the summer time.  I think it's about time for some solid sunshine and warm days and yummy produce. Our Whole Foods has been lacking in the organic produce lately :(

Tristan finished the floors in Judo's room. Well, started and finished I should say.   Little man is now the proud owner of wood floors in his room.  Actually, we're the owners.  Don't want him thinking he owns the place.  They will be perfect for block construction and lego monstrosities.  The weather has been all over the place lately.  I think it's making the keys on my macbook a little crazy,  ever since the "chai tea" incident.  Sometimes they're smooth, sometimes crunchy.  It's driving me insane!  I guess I need to pull them off one by one and clean them.  I seriously think the weather is affecting them.  Weird.  Blogging is somewhat painful in there current condition.  I have to apply extra pressure of letters are left out!    Anyways, hope you had an amazing weekend!

I absolutely cannot wait for his room to be finished, but I must say that I love the tent he constructed in Bella's bottom bunk and the time they're spengding together shairing a room. (see what I mean about the mac kes?...TRAGIC!)

22 February 2011

The Workshop.

This morning, as I sat down to type this post, I burned my mouth on my chai tea.  Yesterday morning, I burned the milk for my chai tea.  Let's just hope the rest of the day goes better.  Anyways, Saturday afternoon was a good day.  Tristan decided he wanted Jude to help build his bed so they loaded up and went to Home Depot to buy materials and a few tools for Jude.  Since we were dog sitting this weekend Isabella and I stayed behind to do some cleaning and play with the dogs.  Our little Fiona was so glad to have Barker visiting.

When we arrived at the work shop, the boys were working away.  Jude was so proud of the tools his daddy bought him that he was showing them off to the world.  It was pretty cute.  The bed is almost complete.  If only I could pick out colors we could move forward.   We're putting the wood floors in this weekend and I'm on the fence about a last minute trip to Dallas on Saturday for Ikea shopping.  We'll see what happens :)

The Mr showing me how it's done.  Honey, please don't cute your hand off or any fingers for that matter ;)  He made that apron he's wearing.  So cute!  I'm sure that's just what he wants to hear, "cute!"

She is always posing, the sweet thing.

Out on the dock with chalk.

You better not throw that.  Oooops...too late.

Our silly sweet little man.  He couldn't be serious in front of the camera even if he tried.

The boy loves measuring tapes.  He always has.  I used to hide them from him when he was a toddler because I read an article in a magazine about how a little boy cut his finger off with a measuring tape.  Yeah.  Well, I guess I got over that ;)

Why, oh why did I have to blow the "J" out!

and the "B"!  

The ladder is complete!

Have a super great Tuesday!!!!

18 February 2011

A Motion Picture

I decided to share with you my first ever video shot in HD on my new Nikon d7000.  I was hesitant to share because it needs so much improvement, but that will come with time. Videography is so much different than photography but I love it because you can tell someone's story in motion.  There are several things I learned while making this that I will post after the movie.

Untitled from Aja Vaught on Vimeo.

Ok, so as you can see...so.much.i.need.to.learn.period.  First of all, I need a stabilizer so I am an researching making a homemade version.  Second of all, FOCUS.  You have to manually focus which is difficult when you can see to well to being with and you're looking at a very small monitor and you're chasing after a moving target trying not to shake the camera.  That will take practice.  I will get it down and I promise they will rock!  Finally, I may need to buy a better editing program like Final Cut.  iMovie does pretty good, but I would like more consistent control over the colors.  That is that.  Oh, and one final thing I absolutely must say is 'Thank You' to my dear ole' dad for making it possible for me to have this camera  so I can do something I love.  He has always encouraged us kids to be creative and use our abilities whether it be art, music, photography or in this case videography.  Dad...I love you like biscuits and gravy ;)  Thank You.

My Belle

I think she is extraordinary.  She has a compassion that is unlike any I have ever known.  Yet a complexity only we know.  She has a natural beauty that draws people to her.  She is a life whisperer.
She is extraordinary.  It is a precious gift to be her mother.  Oh, and we love the boy too.  He's pretty great ;)

16 February 2011


Oh my goodness did I score some goodies today.  I went in search of some frames at Hobby Lobby for a totally tad photo project I'm working on but instead of finding frames, I discovered that they were having 50% off on spring stuff plus tons of clearance.  Are you ready for this?

Mr. Snail (no idea why I NEEDED him, but I did)...$15 (discount 50%)... I paid $7.50

Metal Basket for Jude's room to store markers, etc...at his desk...$5 (discount 50%)...I paid $2.50 and the "V" tile...$4 and I paid 80 cents.

Rad drawer pulls...$6 each but I paid $1.20 each.  I thought I only needed 8 but I need 10 so I have to get 2 more today before they sell out.

and...drum roll please...the best find at Hobby Lobby was my new owl planter turned utensil holder.  He was $17 and I used a 40% off coupon (I printed online) which made him $10.  Doesn't he look like he walked out of Anthro?

15 February 2011

A Bento for the Mr.

I guess Mr. Vaught felt a little left out when he saw me making lunches today for Flossy and Ro.  So I made one Just. For. Him.  If you think this isn't enough food for a grown man, you should know he usually only eats a Lara Bar and an apple for lunch each day.  The other day he dropped his apple in the bathroom at work so it was history which meant NO lunch.  This will do him just right :)  And if you think I must have a lot of time on my hands to cut out mini talk bubbles for my fruit leather people, you thought wrong.  I'm just not doing the things I should be doing, like laundry.  And if you think my photography skills are lacking, you thought right.  Sometimes you just gotta shoot with the Iphone in low light.  It's called pure laziness.  L-A-Z-I-N-E-S-S!!!  I just had to throw in a picture of me in my chef's hat.  It's so apropos :)

Tulsa People Magazine + Tulsa Photographer

Tristan picked up a copy of the FebruaryTulsa People yesterday.  While flipping through, to my excitement, he points out the office of one of my clients (his too) and there is a photo I took of my clients lovely wife and baby!  Ok, so technically I wasn't "in" the magazine but how cool is that?  My talented husband's work has been in Tulsa People a few times and my super funny talented father as well, but me? NEVER!  Anyways, just thought I would share.  I know, I know, no big dealio.  Just humor me please ;)  Thanks.

On a side note:  I have been really wanting to hear the Beastie Boys lately so I went to Grooveshark and queued them up.  I was so pumped when 'No Sleep Till Brooklyn' came on then 'Hey Ladies', but now I have a headache.  Does that mean I'm getting old?  They're getting on my nerves.

12 February 2011

Words to Live By.

My papaw always used to sing this to me.  I can hear him now, I miss him so much.

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10 February 2011

Gluten Free Ginger Spice Cupcakes

Yesterday, during snowpocalypse, the kids and I made the most delicious cupcakes!  I'm always skeptical about gluten free mixes because they can be really grainy depending on the types of flour used.  I prefer Pamela's over Bob's Red Mill and I've tried Gluten FreePantry and it was ok.  I used Namaste this time around and they were so good.  They kind of taste like those ginger muffins from Jason's Deli you get at the salad bar.  Anyways, YUM!  We also made a home-made buttercream icing that was delish!  Today we're about to deliver some to some friends down the street.  We can't eat all of them!

07 February 2011


My new latest obsession is pinterest.  I guarantee you will love it!  Come and follow me!

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I also thought I would share my latest project, if you want to call it that ;)  I really dislike toothbrush holders and we have limited storage in our bathrooms (no drawers) so I made this.  A $2 mini planter from Ikea, some filler rocks from Target and wallah...a DIY toothbrush holder :)  Well, I have so much I need to be doing right now like sit-ups, updating my photog site, reading, sleeping or preparing for Snowmaggedon II, but I'm pinning.  You should too.  It's addicting, but oh so much fun!