15 February 2011

Tulsa People Magazine + Tulsa Photographer

Tristan picked up a copy of the FebruaryTulsa People yesterday.  While flipping through, to my excitement, he points out the office of one of my clients (his too) and there is a photo I took of my clients lovely wife and baby!  Ok, so technically I wasn't "in" the magazine but how cool is that?  My talented husband's work has been in Tulsa People a few times and my super funny talented father as well, but me? NEVER!  Anyways, just thought I would share.  I know, I know, no big dealio.  Just humor me please ;)  Thanks.

On a side note:  I have been really wanting to hear the Beastie Boys lately so I went to Grooveshark and queued them up.  I was so pumped when 'No Sleep Till Brooklyn' came on then 'Hey Ladies', but now I have a headache.  Does that mean I'm getting old?  They're getting on my nerves.

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