22 February 2011

The Workshop.

This morning, as I sat down to type this post, I burned my mouth on my chai tea.  Yesterday morning, I burned the milk for my chai tea.  Let's just hope the rest of the day goes better.  Anyways, Saturday afternoon was a good day.  Tristan decided he wanted Jude to help build his bed so they loaded up and went to Home Depot to buy materials and a few tools for Jude.  Since we were dog sitting this weekend Isabella and I stayed behind to do some cleaning and play with the dogs.  Our little Fiona was so glad to have Barker visiting.

When we arrived at the work shop, the boys were working away.  Jude was so proud of the tools his daddy bought him that he was showing them off to the world.  It was pretty cute.  The bed is almost complete.  If only I could pick out colors we could move forward.   We're putting the wood floors in this weekend and I'm on the fence about a last minute trip to Dallas on Saturday for Ikea shopping.  We'll see what happens :)

The Mr showing me how it's done.  Honey, please don't cute your hand off or any fingers for that matter ;)  He made that apron he's wearing.  So cute!  I'm sure that's just what he wants to hear, "cute!"

She is always posing, the sweet thing.

Out on the dock with chalk.

You better not throw that.  Oooops...too late.

Our silly sweet little man.  He couldn't be serious in front of the camera even if he tried.

The boy loves measuring tapes.  He always has.  I used to hide them from him when he was a toddler because I read an article in a magazine about how a little boy cut his finger off with a measuring tape.  Yeah.  Well, I guess I got over that ;)

Why, oh why did I have to blow the "J" out!

and the "B"!  

The ladder is complete!

Have a super great Tuesday!!!!


Sharstin said...

ah these picts are so great--you have a beautiful family! can't wait to see this amazing loft bed~ ps--love the name jude--one of my favs~

The Vaught's said...

Thank you! This whole bed process is taking awhile, but it will be worth it!

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