15 February 2011

A Bento for the Mr.

I guess Mr. Vaught felt a little left out when he saw me making lunches today for Flossy and Ro.  So I made one Just. For. Him.  If you think this isn't enough food for a grown man, you should know he usually only eats a Lara Bar and an apple for lunch each day.  The other day he dropped his apple in the bathroom at work so it was history which meant NO lunch.  This will do him just right :)  And if you think I must have a lot of time on my hands to cut out mini talk bubbles for my fruit leather people, you thought wrong.  I'm just not doing the things I should be doing, like laundry.  And if you think my photography skills are lacking, you thought right.  Sometimes you just gotta shoot with the Iphone in low light.  It's called pure laziness.  L-A-Z-I-N-E-S-S!!!  I just had to throw in a picture of me in my chef's hat.  It's so apropos :)

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