03 February 2011

Lunch Was a Hoot!

This is what the kids had for lunch today.  They thought it was a dog.  Yeah.  Not cool.  After there excitement over their owl & tree,  Jude promptly stated that he did not like cucumbers.  Sooo, we traded his cucumbers for carrots and all was well.  Yesterday Tristan got out with some friends and shoveled driveways for friends and when he got home we were just getting dressed to go outside.  Poor guy had to shovel even more snow to make his kiddos an igloo.  That's dedication, however I think we enjoyed it more than they did.  They were too busy flying down the slide.  I totally pictured a trip to the ER, but we all survived.  Today we got out to head to Lowe's for some more summer time planning & paint.  I think we were the only ones looking at patio stuff.  Just so you know, I am over the snow.  There.  It's been declared.  Now it can go away.  At this rate, the kids will be in school until July!  More snow is predicted for tomorrow and Sunday and Monday.  Us Okies can't hang with the snow.  There are abandoned cars stuck in the snow all over town.  I saw one today with a sign hanging on it that read "NEED A PLOW".  Then, there are the random few rcazy people in shorts and tennis shoes.  Oh and the plastic bags pulled over the shoes taped around the knees.  Classic.  I could have spent the day photographing "how to get around in the snow Okie Style".  It's sort of like photographing mullets at the state fair.  Both would make great coffee table books don't ya think?  Even the dog is freaking out a little.  I shoveled a small patch of snow in the backyard to make her a potty area.  Dumb dog.  She sniffed around and then went and pooped right in the middle of the walkway to the fence with snow up to her neck.  Then moments later I told Jude to watch out for the poop and he almost fell right in it!  I think we're all slowly losing our minds, but man I love them and all this togetherness.  That's what I keep telling myself :)  No, really, I do.  For all the east coasters out there who have it way worse...get over it!  You have snow plows!!!


Sharstin said...

love your blog chick! and i am so.done.with.winter as well~ lets hope for a early spring! ps--that owl sandwhich is stinkin cute~

The Vaught's said...

Thanks Sharstin! Ditto on the blog :) I always love to see what your gonna post next :)

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