28 February 2011


The bed is starting to look like a bed!  YAY!  All that's left to do is the desk and shelves then off to be painted.  I finally picked a color scheme today.  It's really exciting...gray.  I know, thrilling huh?  I always seem to play it safe with color.  That's why I love all the little extra's that add color.  Anyways, progress.  That's all that matters :)  There are lots of DIY's in the works over the next couple of weeks.  I'll be sharing soon!  I thought I would share a photo of the bed my wonderful hubs took today as well as a preview of my new/old bike that a friend is restoring for us.  Mine is the olive green, and T's is red.  So exciting!  Can't wait to see all the new goodies on it.  It's getting an overhaul with new tires, a new brown saddle, cork grips and white cables.  I love my mountain bike, but a road bike will be so much better where I ride.  So, hopefully things will keep moving and I will be able to post something interesting and not so boring.  Until then, please bare with me :)

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