28 October 2010

I dunno. Just makes me happy :)

How fun would it have been to be in that room?  Tons.

27 October 2010

A Picnic.

The kids were out of school for Fall break Thursday, Friday and Monday and with all the activity and the completion of our bathroom remodel, we realized we didn't get much of a chance to do anything with them.  Of course, they were busy too, going to friend's houses and playing.  We have missed them so much since school started and I was determined to have a picnic in the park, even if my back was out.  I packed everything up and hobbled to the car and we met Tristan at Woodward.  It was a good time :)

Picnic from Aja Vaught on Vimeo.

15 October 2010

SNEAK PEAK Senior Portraits...Tulsa Photographer

Here's a little sneak peak from a high school senior session.  I've known Emily since she was four years old.  The first time I met her, she was wearing red glittery dorothy shoes and was grinning ear to ear.  They have become family to us and we love them so much!  Congratulations Emily!

13 October 2010

Random. Really Random.

Have you ever been sitting around and a song litterally pops into your head and you're like, why?  But after several attempts to make a mental block, you find yourself humming it in your head until you can't control it anymore and you belt out the chorus rock start style and all?  Well, that happened tonight with me.  At first, it was INNOCENT humming.  Then moments later Tristan and I were belting it out in the kitchen (rock star style), drums and all.  The kids crashed our party moments later.  Apparently we are not cool.   So what songs have you been belting out lately?

04 October 2010

Nothing beats this in your inbox...thank you my loves, for making me laugh out loud :)

02 October 2010

Fall Portrait Sessions 20% OFF

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