10 June 2010

Etsy Favorites

I love looking at other peoples etsy favorites so I thought I would share a few of mine...

09 June 2010

Ruby Tuesday

Our newest little niece...isn't she sweet?

04 June 2010


The other day Mr. Vaught and I were outside on the hammock minding our own beeswax when I broke out the camera and we posed. The kids were doing there own thing...


What makes it so funny is that we had NO idea she was there until we were looking at the pictures.

Summer Lovin'

So school is officially out! Bitter sweet though. We'll miss B's teacher next year. She gave me a plant last week and had all the kids sign the pot. It made me tear up :( But, everything does lately! Any who, we've been so busy already this summer and I don't see it slowing down in the near future. Here's some end of May photos that I haven't blogged yet. We're off to Big Splash later and I'm still on the fence about sunscreen and sunblock. I bought sunblock from Whole Foods, but I'm going to use the sunscreen we have left. Apparently, sunscreen could be causing skin cancer b/c it changes the cellular structure of your skin. Who knows, but better safe than sorry in my book. Dad, if you're reading this, let's just not talk about it. I know you have a thing about organic barbecue sauce ;) Don't make fun ;)

This is Bella & Claire. Bella tells me they're "BFF's" or "Besties" at school. They have nicknames for each other... Clairebear and Bellbo. They have drama too.

new do....

Hopefully I will get a professional to get a decent shot of me for my website, but for now, this is all I have of my new do...chopped and dyed...i'm lovin' it.

Also here are the apps used if your curious....CameraBag and Ransom. Speaking of apps...I can't wait to get my new MacBook (only 6.5 months away) unless Mr. Vaught wants to present me with an early 10 year anniversary gift. I know, shameless! Also, you gotta love Jimmy Fallon.

Check it!