04 June 2010

Summer Lovin'

So school is officially out! Bitter sweet though. We'll miss B's teacher next year. She gave me a plant last week and had all the kids sign the pot. It made me tear up :( But, everything does lately! Any who, we've been so busy already this summer and I don't see it slowing down in the near future. Here's some end of May photos that I haven't blogged yet. We're off to Big Splash later and I'm still on the fence about sunscreen and sunblock. I bought sunblock from Whole Foods, but I'm going to use the sunscreen we have left. Apparently, sunscreen could be causing skin cancer b/c it changes the cellular structure of your skin. Who knows, but better safe than sorry in my book. Dad, if you're reading this, let's just not talk about it. I know you have a thing about organic barbecue sauce ;) Don't make fun ;)

This is Bella & Claire. Bella tells me they're "BFF's" or "Besties" at school. They have nicknames for each other... Clairebear and Bellbo. They have drama too.

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