27 July 2009

Saying Goodbyes.

Summer is passing so fast and I have found myself in the midst of uniform shopping and back to school mania. I always seem to wish the end of summer away b/c I'm ready for new and exciting fall things! We're taking a much needed trip to the beach late in the summer (in 3 days we leave), we finally finished the summer reading program at our library (late in the summer) and were able to bring home the giant inflatable crayons that say "Tulsa County Library" on them. I mean really? Giant crayons? My kids just used them as swords and giant poking things. Next year I hope they have a little consideration for us poor mothers of Tulsa county (or surrounding counties ;) Although, the library had a great demonstration from the Air and Space museum and the kids got to make paper rockets to launch. Every time the nice lady would ask a question about gravity or inertia Jude would raise his hand high while I said to myself "please don't call on him, please don;t call on him {:O After all, we know what the child does when asked about "joy"! It's been a fun summer, a busy one and the last few weeks will be bitter sweet. Once we get back from the beach, our last hoorah, it's back to hectic mornings, schedules and homework. At least it isn't forever and we'll be back to homeschooling one of these days ;)

This past weekend my Uncle Doug and family came to visit and take granny back to her humble abode. We had a blast and the cousins played. It was sad to see gran leave, we all cried and I spent the better part of the evening sobbing into the night. Now we seem to be settling back in to our cozy little foursome and trying to get back to a much needed routine. Here are some pictures from the weekend. I probably won't blog the rest of the week or next week so I hope everyone has a nice rest of he summer :)

21 July 2009

Storm, Emeril and Joy

So we had a storm last night, a big one. You know the kind where you wake up and think I better check the weather to make sure we're not under a tornado watch just in case they forgot to turn on the sirens. We actually slept through tornado sirens one night. I know that because I dropped Bella off at school and all the moms in the neighborhood were talking about it and asked me if we took cover. Cover? Uhhh... So, now when I do wake up, I check. Well, last night our dish was out so I couldn't get a signal. That's one reason why we're canceling our cable. It's worthless in my opinion. Except for food network. That's what Bella watches. She loves Emeril. I'll have to let her watch it online I guess. She was watching him this morning when I got up. And yes, I got to sleep later than my kiddos today (due to my weather checking at 3am, and inability to go back to sleep, and the fact that my granny is still here). I walked into the living room and Bella was being mesmerized by chipoleeny onions and sardines BAM! and Jude was tying Spiderman to his train track with a Barbie scarf.

Speaking of Jude...about 2 weeks ago we were having our weekly family bible study. At the end, we were talking about the Fruitages of the spirit (love, joy, peace, long suffering, mildness, etc...) and we asked Bella to write them down and then tell us how she would show love, joy, etc... She did and we were so proud. Then Jude decided he would show us how he shows joy. All of a sudden all eyes were on him and a big grin came across his face. Then it happened...he pulled his underwear down! My granny and I couldn't contain ourselves through the rest of the study and prayer. So please don't ever say joy around Jude!

We took Gran to Affair of the Hearts last week. I think it gets better every year. Then Saturday Steph and I took a road trip to Dallas and brought back a loaded van full of Swedish goods. Tristan had a tea party with the kids and then took them to the park. He was just so glad not to be at Ikea! Daddies need to play mommy sometimes. He had the help of one amazing granny though ;) She officially leaves Saturday. That makes 7 weeks and let me tell you, it will be hard to say goodbye :( My friend Leecy is coming over to give her a trim today so we can send her off in style. I also get to see her cute little baby bump! Can't wait for little Noah to get here :) Anywho, that is that :) Thanks for reading, boring as we may be!!

17 July 2009

This looks like a good movie...

mainly because I love the Japanese culture. The simplicity, the beauty, the meaningfulness of things. Always have, always will.

11 July 2009

A slew of pictures...

I'm still lacking motivation to blog, but since this blog is for family, friends and a way to journal this time in our lives, I thought I should. We have been so busy swimming with friends, and getting together with friends and family. I definitely love summer, but exhaustion is setting in! I'm suddenly very aware of the encroaching school year and feel sad to send Bella back, although necessary. We have one final bang planned for the summer and that's a last minute trip to the beach in August. We just can't stay away ;) So, now for the pictures :)

A play date with Miss Molly and Mr. Andy...

Some homegrown tomatoes :) We also have 6 toot tall corn growing, Serrano peppers, herbs, bells, sunflowers and green beans! Our zucchini bit the dust b/c we didn't give it enough room to grow. Too bad b/c we have been grilling zucchini a lot lately :(

I made this cake...

For this sweet couple...

And this sweet girl (aka my extremely talented friend Lacy) decorated. No joke, she can decorate on a budget. The table linens? Curtains. Napkin rings? Ribbons. Everything else? Borrowed! She's good!!!

Ranjitha and my sister in law Celeste made all the food.

The menu:

Paratha's (Bread)
Pulav (Rice)
Beef Curry
Butter Chicken (YUM)
Raita (Yogurt Dip)
Shrimp Cakes

We ate the butter chicken with the paratha's first. Ranjitha and Shonti got a kick out of watching us eat with our hands (right hand only by the way). We all had food up to our elbows, yet they stayed clean and cleaned their plates. It was hilarious! Even the kids tried. It was some of the most delicious food I have ever tasted! The spices they use are so healthy as well. Ranjitha made a plate with onions and mint and you eat that with your meal (can't remember why). YUMMY! The kids ate great even with it being spicy.

After dinner, the girls piled onto the couch for a reading of Knuffle Bunny. You have not experienced life until you have been read to by Celeste. She is so animated and the kids love Aunt Lest's reading. They love the book she wrote too!

Jeremy (Lacy's Husband) and Jude bonded as he was invited by little man to travel to outer space in his rocket.

And finally, we have enjoyed the company of this beautiful lady for the past 5 weeks and we have 1 more to go :) I have learned to do laundry better, to not be wasteful, how to spoil future grandchildren (rotten might I add), to wash bed sheets once a week, keep up with the news and so much more. We'll miss her when she goes home, but we have to share the love.

04 July 2009


Summer is in full swing here and I haven't had a minute to blog. I miss that. At least I do now. Honestly, I haven't felt like blogging in some time now. Hopefully, this will is the beginning of a blogging streak. I just really wanted to share a few mark photos of my sister Sarah that we shot recently for her senior pictures/modeling portfolio. It was a blast. Funny thing is, that very field in the photos gave all three of us unruly chigger bites. So far this summer...swimmers ear, poison ivy, food poisoning, and now chigger bites. It was a blast though (even in scorching heat!).

If you want to see a really sweet newborn head over to my photo blog for a sneak peak of baby Noah's session.

Tonight we are having an Anniversary party for some friends of ours from India so I have lots to do! Tristan dropped his brother Markus off at the airport this morning for his trip to Germany (I'm jealous)! I guess I'll have to get over this whole stay cation (ok, spell check actually corrected my spelling on that word, I guess it's a "real" word now) thing!!!!

One last thing. Although I haven't had time to blog, I have found time to watch these videos on vintage hairstyles. I will be attempting some of them in the near future ;)