11 July 2009

A slew of pictures...

I'm still lacking motivation to blog, but since this blog is for family, friends and a way to journal this time in our lives, I thought I should. We have been so busy swimming with friends, and getting together with friends and family. I definitely love summer, but exhaustion is setting in! I'm suddenly very aware of the encroaching school year and feel sad to send Bella back, although necessary. We have one final bang planned for the summer and that's a last minute trip to the beach in August. We just can't stay away ;) So, now for the pictures :)

A play date with Miss Molly and Mr. Andy...

Some homegrown tomatoes :) We also have 6 toot tall corn growing, Serrano peppers, herbs, bells, sunflowers and green beans! Our zucchini bit the dust b/c we didn't give it enough room to grow. Too bad b/c we have been grilling zucchini a lot lately :(

I made this cake...

For this sweet couple...

And this sweet girl (aka my extremely talented friend Lacy) decorated. No joke, she can decorate on a budget. The table linens? Curtains. Napkin rings? Ribbons. Everything else? Borrowed! She's good!!!

Ranjitha and my sister in law Celeste made all the food.

The menu:

Paratha's (Bread)
Pulav (Rice)
Beef Curry
Butter Chicken (YUM)
Raita (Yogurt Dip)
Shrimp Cakes

We ate the butter chicken with the paratha's first. Ranjitha and Shonti got a kick out of watching us eat with our hands (right hand only by the way). We all had food up to our elbows, yet they stayed clean and cleaned their plates. It was hilarious! Even the kids tried. It was some of the most delicious food I have ever tasted! The spices they use are so healthy as well. Ranjitha made a plate with onions and mint and you eat that with your meal (can't remember why). YUMMY! The kids ate great even with it being spicy.

After dinner, the girls piled onto the couch for a reading of Knuffle Bunny. You have not experienced life until you have been read to by Celeste. She is so animated and the kids love Aunt Lest's reading. They love the book she wrote too!

Jeremy (Lacy's Husband) and Jude bonded as he was invited by little man to travel to outer space in his rocket.

And finally, we have enjoyed the company of this beautiful lady for the past 5 weeks and we have 1 more to go :) I have learned to do laundry better, to not be wasteful, how to spoil future grandchildren (rotten might I add), to wash bed sheets once a week, keep up with the news and so much more. We'll miss her when she goes home, but we have to share the love.

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