19 August 2009

Sir Paul

So, I got a phone call from my dad Monday. He had 2 extra tickets to see Paul McCartney that night so of course we frantically found someone (thanks Eric) to watch the kids and went. All I can say is AMAZING! Our seats were awesome and Paul was even better. That's all I'm gonna say about that :) Thanks dad!

Here he is in Tulsa playing Blackbird.

Of course my faves were "Hey Jude" and "A Day In the Life" and "Give Peace a Chance".
During Hey Jude, he had the men only sing the "na na na" and then the women. It's in the bottom video (it's pretty shaky, I got it from you tube). Pretty cool! Jude watched it just now and said "Momma, do they know me?"

This is "A Day in the Life" taken from the Fenway Park concert, but he did the same at our show :) The Tulsa show was the only arena venue (the smallest) which is really cool!

17 August 2009

I was watching him play and...

I adore him :)

It's not often he gets the toys all to himself. Tristan took his little honey to breakfast this morning at BBD and to work with him. It's their annual tradition. I taught her to say "there are child labor laws you know ;)"

16 August 2009

Our weekend project

We or shall I say Tristan, completed our mini project this weekend and so Miss Flossy got wood floors in her room. I painted the walls before we left for vacation (they were brown). I have another project for her room that I'll post later, but it will require some sewing on my part so it may be awhile ;) Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I think we are in a post vacation slump b/c we woke up this morning with not even an ounce of energy. Exhaustion set in today, but hopefully an early bedtime can fix that :)

15 August 2009

A rather vain post...

Ok, so I'm a little reluctant to post these awful photos of me, but right before vacation I was playing with my camera doing a little self portraiting. I'm never in front of the camera. I prefer it that way. II do look back though and see that mommy is no where to be found in ANY photos. So, when my kiddos look back and read this fancy little blog book, they will see me :) I did however buy the mister a fancy little camera so maybe I will be in a few more ;) Look what the mister bought me (grinning ear to ear). A "highly" collectible Rolleicord that I didn't even know I was obsessed with until I saw it!!!! I love you T :)

14 August 2009

A Freebie

I love some of the illustrations on this site that artists have given permission to download, print and frame. I've picked mine out, how about you?

Have a happy Friday! We have a house project in store for this weekend...hopefully I'll have pictures to post Monday!

Over and out!

11 August 2009

Finally the last vacation post...

Most of these are snapshots taken with the new camera I surprised Tristan with before we left for vacation.

The following photos my amazing husband took. I'm so proud of these images :) He did an amazing job. I did edit one with a pink tone, but other than that, they are straight off the camera (what photog's call SOC).

Random lala from vacation

These are from the last night. We had dinner on a pirate ship. I love the picture of Jude where he looks half awake. He was.

Vacation Highlights

Jude and Bella eating and liking alligator (thanks to uncle James)

Jude scarfing up fish and my husband trying raw oysters (yuck...also thanks to James aka "rufus")

Watching Bella snorkel and bring back shell after shell after shell, expressing the beauty of even the broken ones.

Jude running down the board walk everyday and jumping out of his flip flops into the sand down to the water.

Tristan holding his babies in the ocean and jumping waves with them.

Night walks on the beach, catching little crabs with flashlights in hand.

Eating at Schooners.


Night swims in the pool.

A king size bed.

Grilling veggies, brats and chicken with peanut sauce.

The cool breeze coming off the ocean.

A mother daughter trip to Alvin's Island.

Father daughter and son trips to Thomas Donuts.

Watching my brave little girl take on the jellies...she was not afraid of them this year...they did not stop her from enjoying the seawater.

Our last night there eating key lime pie and watching shark week on discovery realizing that we were a bunch of idiots for getting in the water and vowing to never do so again, until next year.

Thank goodness for the beach. Thank goodness for my amazing husband. Thank goodness for good friends. Thank goodness for our beautiful children. Thank goodness for time with all of them.

Peace and infinite XO's.

After 15.5 hours in the car Saturday, we arrived home safely. Let me just say how blessed we are to have good little travelers. It's the same every year. I think they travel better than me :) WE do end up having about an hour and a half window when Jude is DONE being in the car and he repeatedly asks "what's taking so long?"

Vacations are necessary at least twice a year in my opinion. That's our new promise to our family :)

We had such a good time this year. The house was amazing...all 3 stories, 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths of it! We had a pool that we swam in everyday when we were through with the ocean and then in the evenings when the kids went to bed. Words really cannot express how much fun we had. I'm ready to go back. In fact, I was never ready to leave!

We spent the first day of vacation at our best friends house in Ft. Smith. We all got up early Friday morning to start our trek to the beach. We went through Memphis this year in stead of driving down through Louisiana and Mississippi. It was a little boring and all interstate, but we did make a stop in Memphis to visit Sun Records and headed over to Beale Street for some lunch at BB King's Blues. I love Memphis! I think Sun Records had to be the hippest, coolest place to work in the world. When we walked in I was wearing a classic Woodstock t-shirt and there was a young guy playing his guitar. He said "You have too stay awhile b/c you're wearing that shirt. This is where Woodstock got started." I was speechless b/c I wanted to say "OK, can I work here please?" It was that cool of a place.

I think the vacation pics will come in several posts because I have lots to share!

02 August 2009

My view.

Isn't God's creation grand? I mean, just look how gorgeous that magazine is! LOL! Gotta go, I'm gettin'my tan on ;)