11 August 2009

Vacation Highlights

Jude and Bella eating and liking alligator (thanks to uncle James)

Jude scarfing up fish and my husband trying raw oysters (yuck...also thanks to James aka "rufus")

Watching Bella snorkel and bring back shell after shell after shell, expressing the beauty of even the broken ones.

Jude running down the board walk everyday and jumping out of his flip flops into the sand down to the water.

Tristan holding his babies in the ocean and jumping waves with them.

Night walks on the beach, catching little crabs with flashlights in hand.

Eating at Schooners.


Night swims in the pool.

A king size bed.

Grilling veggies, brats and chicken with peanut sauce.

The cool breeze coming off the ocean.

A mother daughter trip to Alvin's Island.

Father daughter and son trips to Thomas Donuts.

Watching my brave little girl take on the jellies...she was not afraid of them this year...they did not stop her from enjoying the seawater.

Our last night there eating key lime pie and watching shark week on discovery realizing that we were a bunch of idiots for getting in the water and vowing to never do so again, until next year.

Thank goodness for the beach. Thank goodness for my amazing husband. Thank goodness for good friends. Thank goodness for our beautiful children. Thank goodness for time with all of them.

Peace and infinite XO's.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Aja, Great posts! You summed up the high lights perfectly of another fun summer break in Florida.
love ya!

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