28 July 2010

For your entertainment pleasures...

This is what happens when we visit T at work...

FYI...If you have the "old" iPhones like we do, like the really old one, the 2nd generation one, you can download "video camera" and you can change the real time effects. It's rad...although not as rad as the video on the iPhone 4.

a beach chalet.

If you ask me, I would gladly trade my 2100 square feet for this 388 square foot clad chalet with cedar shingles WITH a view of the ocean. Any ocean would do, but I have a feeling in the next week I'll be wishing it was the pacific. But who's asking me anyways :)

(via studiomama)

26 July 2010

Pajama run!

Tonight Tristan and Bella had a dinner date and Jude and I had a dinner date. It was fun having some one on one. We're in vacation mode already. The days are becoming painful as we wait for Friday to come. So, we decided to have a little fun with the kids. After dinner, computer time and a few books we put them to bed. They were actually pretty tired after spending the day at work with their daddy. About 5 minutes later, we started the car and ran into their rooms yelling and clapping "Pajama run...GET UP, GET UP!!!" Now, I know it sounds a little crazy. I mean what were we thinking. Yelling and clapping is enough to scare anyone, right? We put all thought aside and did it anyways thinking the outcome would be great. They were stunned. The look on their faces made me laugh so hard I could barely get the words out. Awful I know. It was too funny. They didn't know what to think. They ran out of their rooms, got their flips on and got in the car still with the stunned looks on their little precious faces. At this point we were still laughing pretty hard, but we managed to tell them that we were going to get ice cream in our pj's. That's what a pajama run is. Then their stunned little faces turned to smiles and laughs and they began to tell us what in the world they thought was going on. Bella said she was a little scared and Jude said he thought I was singing a song. It was funny. 3 single dip waffle cones with mint chocolate chip and 1 (I was the oddball) scoop of vanilla with chocolate syrup in a cup later and they knew exactly what a pajama run was. It was a memory being made. A rule then had to be enforced. YOU DO NOT ASK FOR A PAJAMA RUN...IF YOU DO THEN YOU AUTOMATICALLY DO NOT GET ONE. I'm sure Jude will be the one to be reckoned with on this room asking every night for the next two weeks, but we'll see. Isn't that a 4 year old for you? Or is that just my 4 year old. Don't answer that. The reason for this crazy shinanagan was to create tradition. Or it could be said that we were breaking tradition, the bedtime tradition. Either way, I will never forget it or the many more to come and I'm pretty sure the rest of the gang won't either. Family is great...I love them so much!

Then when we came home and put our sugared up little howler monkeys to bed, I opened my email and saw this in my in-box from my mister...isn't he talented? He even called me when he saw it and wanted me to take a picture of it maybe thinking I could do a better job. I think not! He did a fine job. I love him so much!

21 July 2010

Be warned...the photos you are about to see are photos of little fashionista's in training. This is what not to wear while hiking in the woods.

Pink patent combat boots = good

Pajamas & flip flops = not so good

Knee high roller derby socks with green & purple stripes and stars = you decide ;)

I so wish I had an up close shot of Flossy's knobby knees in those roller derby socks & hot pink patent combat boots. This is so her right now. She carried around her papaw's old digital camera & case everywhere she goes and wears a gray hat given to her by her aunt Celeste. I definitely need a picture of that. Sometimes, while trying to let her express herself, I make her go change b/c the outfit is simply to embarrassing to let her leave the house. Thank goodness for school uniforms! Both boys are sporting handmade pj shorties made with love by granny.

They do get gussied up too.

And last but not least...a camping shot in the dark ;)

Have You Heard?

Peachwave is the place to go...froyo is all the rage! It's best place on the planet. My personal fave is vanilla & white chocolate with chocloate syrup. Yeah, I'm kinda simple like that. The kids have a little of everything. I just can't like gummy worms and oreo's in my fro-yo, but to each his own. You must go check it out. If you're local it's in the Tulsa Hills Shopping Center off 75. Oh and did I mention it has some health benefits?!

Sun Safety

So just when thought I had the whole sunscreen figured out (don't get me started on microwaves), I was drinking my chai tea this morning and reading up on all the blogs I follow when I came across this article on sunscreen from Simple Organic. It turns out, the expensive sunscreen I have been buying and using on the kids all summer has oxybenzone, which is one of the worst ingredients in sunscreen that is causing a lot of the hype. I thought I was doing good to get paraben-free and using a "block" instead of a "screen" that is made from minerals. Well, I thought wrong! Then I ran across this article on "safe" sunscreens. So, I will be buying one of these for our hot days in California. Oh, we haven't told the kids, but we're taking them to Disneyland for a day! We can't wait to surprise them ;)

Try these out...

19 July 2010

For Sale.

CB2 Scan Lounge Chairs

I listed our chairs on craigs list today and hate to sell them, but since Tristan built us the sectional & chair, we have no room. If you're interested, let me know. I will only sell them locally :)

Here is the ad...check them out!

18 July 2010

A little of this...a little of that.

We're back from a weekend in the country with the kids. They went fishing, camping, swimming and marshmallow roasting, I went thrifting. We're getting reading for our trip to Cali in 2 weeks. As we speak, Mr. Vaught is googling celeb homes in Venice Beach. We'll have a full week in Venice and then a weekend in the Hills, Beverly Hills that is. I'm afraid I might be a little of the starstruck kind so I'm hoping to see some shopping on Abbot Kinney or strolling by our temporary home for the week. We may be moving there ;) I can wait to do some thrifting in West Hollywood, see 100 Monkeys at the Viper Room (if our body guards accompany us...tee hee), enjoy family & good friends, have a great photo shoot in Laguna and so much more. It's gonna be a blast and we're even looking forward to the 24 hour drive through the dessert. No...really!

Baby C decided to take a catnap in the pool...his first time in the pool too...

14 July 2010

Catalog Living

Want a good chuckle? Then head over to Catalog Living and read about Gary & Elaine, the exciting people who live in your catalog...now why didn't I think of this?

01 July 2010


Well, June is out the door and summer is in full swing. Where has the last month gone? Well, I have some Juney type photos to share and unfortunately have nothing exciting to post. We went and ate sushi with my sisters and dad tonight. Well, none of us ended up ordering sushi. Before that we took the cheerins to see Toy Story 3 and it was a hit. Kind of scary in some parts, I even jumped, but totally rad. I even shed a few tears at the end, although I won;t tell you why so I don't ruin it. My granny is here for a few weeks visiting and helping us get ready for our big Cali trip at the end of the month. Is it too early to start packing? We are so ready and trying not to fall into the temptation of moving there in the near future. I'm not even kidding! I will trade earthquakes for tornado's any day ;) Does anyone even read this thing? I'm babbling on here...

I'm not exactly sure what I will do without these 2 monkeys when school starts.

I'll be eating our homemade popsicles all by my self :(

I will look out the kitchen window...

And I won't see my baby playing in the rocks outside.

Or my sweet girl playing along side him.

I won't be able to turn the corner and see him playing in the playroom creating and imagining all by himself every day.

But I know my heart will burst with excitement when it's time to pick them up and the school days without them will make me miss them and love them that much more, if that's even possible.