21 July 2010

Sun Safety

So just when thought I had the whole sunscreen figured out (don't get me started on microwaves), I was drinking my chai tea this morning and reading up on all the blogs I follow when I came across this article on sunscreen from Simple Organic. It turns out, the expensive sunscreen I have been buying and using on the kids all summer has oxybenzone, which is one of the worst ingredients in sunscreen that is causing a lot of the hype. I thought I was doing good to get paraben-free and using a "block" instead of a "screen" that is made from minerals. Well, I thought wrong! Then I ran across this article on "safe" sunscreens. So, I will be buying one of these for our hot days in California. Oh, we haven't told the kids, but we're taking them to Disneyland for a day! We can't wait to surprise them ;)

Try these out...

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