21 July 2010

Be warned...the photos you are about to see are photos of little fashionista's in training. This is what not to wear while hiking in the woods.

Pink patent combat boots = good

Pajamas & flip flops = not so good

Knee high roller derby socks with green & purple stripes and stars = you decide ;)

I so wish I had an up close shot of Flossy's knobby knees in those roller derby socks & hot pink patent combat boots. This is so her right now. She carried around her papaw's old digital camera & case everywhere she goes and wears a gray hat given to her by her aunt Celeste. I definitely need a picture of that. Sometimes, while trying to let her express herself, I make her go change b/c the outfit is simply to embarrassing to let her leave the house. Thank goodness for school uniforms! Both boys are sporting handmade pj shorties made with love by granny.

They do get gussied up too.

And last but not least...a camping shot in the dark ;)

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