01 July 2010


Well, June is out the door and summer is in full swing. Where has the last month gone? Well, I have some Juney type photos to share and unfortunately have nothing exciting to post. We went and ate sushi with my sisters and dad tonight. Well, none of us ended up ordering sushi. Before that we took the cheerins to see Toy Story 3 and it was a hit. Kind of scary in some parts, I even jumped, but totally rad. I even shed a few tears at the end, although I won;t tell you why so I don't ruin it. My granny is here for a few weeks visiting and helping us get ready for our big Cali trip at the end of the month. Is it too early to start packing? We are so ready and trying not to fall into the temptation of moving there in the near future. I'm not even kidding! I will trade earthquakes for tornado's any day ;) Does anyone even read this thing? I'm babbling on here...

I'm not exactly sure what I will do without these 2 monkeys when school starts.

I'll be eating our homemade popsicles all by my self :(

I will look out the kitchen window...

And I won't see my baby playing in the rocks outside.

Or my sweet girl playing along side him.

I won't be able to turn the corner and see him playing in the playroom creating and imagining all by himself every day.

But I know my heart will burst with excitement when it's time to pick them up and the school days without them will make me miss them and love them that much more, if that's even possible.


Tristan said...

Hey baby, I wanted to say thank you for capturing our lives, particularly our kiddos lives in such a creative and beautiful way. This post made me tear up a bit, and reminds me of how quickly they are growing up. Know that I share all the same feelings you relayed:) When I look at back at your blog I am so thankful you never put the camera down, and posted be cause it was important to you, it's important to me too.
Love you lots! Tristan.

Celeste Vaught said...


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