27 July 2009

Saying Goodbyes.

Summer is passing so fast and I have found myself in the midst of uniform shopping and back to school mania. I always seem to wish the end of summer away b/c I'm ready for new and exciting fall things! We're taking a much needed trip to the beach late in the summer (in 3 days we leave), we finally finished the summer reading program at our library (late in the summer) and were able to bring home the giant inflatable crayons that say "Tulsa County Library" on them. I mean really? Giant crayons? My kids just used them as swords and giant poking things. Next year I hope they have a little consideration for us poor mothers of Tulsa county (or surrounding counties ;) Although, the library had a great demonstration from the Air and Space museum and the kids got to make paper rockets to launch. Every time the nice lady would ask a question about gravity or inertia Jude would raise his hand high while I said to myself "please don't call on him, please don;t call on him {:O After all, we know what the child does when asked about "joy"! It's been a fun summer, a busy one and the last few weeks will be bitter sweet. Once we get back from the beach, our last hoorah, it's back to hectic mornings, schedules and homework. At least it isn't forever and we'll be back to homeschooling one of these days ;)

This past weekend my Uncle Doug and family came to visit and take granny back to her humble abode. We had a blast and the cousins played. It was sad to see gran leave, we all cried and I spent the better part of the evening sobbing into the night. Now we seem to be settling back in to our cozy little foursome and trying to get back to a much needed routine. Here are some pictures from the weekend. I probably won't blog the rest of the week or next week so I hope everyone has a nice rest of he summer :)

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