21 July 2009

Storm, Emeril and Joy

So we had a storm last night, a big one. You know the kind where you wake up and think I better check the weather to make sure we're not under a tornado watch just in case they forgot to turn on the sirens. We actually slept through tornado sirens one night. I know that because I dropped Bella off at school and all the moms in the neighborhood were talking about it and asked me if we took cover. Cover? Uhhh... So, now when I do wake up, I check. Well, last night our dish was out so I couldn't get a signal. That's one reason why we're canceling our cable. It's worthless in my opinion. Except for food network. That's what Bella watches. She loves Emeril. I'll have to let her watch it online I guess. She was watching him this morning when I got up. And yes, I got to sleep later than my kiddos today (due to my weather checking at 3am, and inability to go back to sleep, and the fact that my granny is still here). I walked into the living room and Bella was being mesmerized by chipoleeny onions and sardines BAM! and Jude was tying Spiderman to his train track with a Barbie scarf.

Speaking of Jude...about 2 weeks ago we were having our weekly family bible study. At the end, we were talking about the Fruitages of the spirit (love, joy, peace, long suffering, mildness, etc...) and we asked Bella to write them down and then tell us how she would show love, joy, etc... She did and we were so proud. Then Jude decided he would show us how he shows joy. All of a sudden all eyes were on him and a big grin came across his face. Then it happened...he pulled his underwear down! My granny and I couldn't contain ourselves through the rest of the study and prayer. So please don't ever say joy around Jude!

We took Gran to Affair of the Hearts last week. I think it gets better every year. Then Saturday Steph and I took a road trip to Dallas and brought back a loaded van full of Swedish goods. Tristan had a tea party with the kids and then took them to the park. He was just so glad not to be at Ikea! Daddies need to play mommy sometimes. He had the help of one amazing granny though ;) She officially leaves Saturday. That makes 7 weeks and let me tell you, it will be hard to say goodbye :( My friend Leecy is coming over to give her a trim today so we can send her off in style. I also get to see her cute little baby bump! Can't wait for little Noah to get here :) Anywho, that is that :) Thanks for reading, boring as we may be!!

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