27 February 2011

The Weekend.

Friday night we went to a going away party for another friend moving to Thailand next month.  I made fruit kabobs.  I love the sight of fruit just washed with the tiny droplets of water.  I especially love it in the summer time.  I think it's about time for some solid sunshine and warm days and yummy produce. Our Whole Foods has been lacking in the organic produce lately :(

Tristan finished the floors in Judo's room. Well, started and finished I should say.   Little man is now the proud owner of wood floors in his room.  Actually, we're the owners.  Don't want him thinking he owns the place.  They will be perfect for block construction and lego monstrosities.  The weather has been all over the place lately.  I think it's making the keys on my macbook a little crazy,  ever since the "chai tea" incident.  Sometimes they're smooth, sometimes crunchy.  It's driving me insane!  I guess I need to pull them off one by one and clean them.  I seriously think the weather is affecting them.  Weird.  Blogging is somewhat painful in there current condition.  I have to apply extra pressure of letters are left out!    Anyways, hope you had an amazing weekend!

I absolutely cannot wait for his room to be finished, but I must say that I love the tent he constructed in Bella's bottom bunk and the time they're spengding together shairing a room. (see what I mean about the mac kes?...TRAGIC!)

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