18 February 2011

A Motion Picture

I decided to share with you my first ever video shot in HD on my new Nikon d7000.  I was hesitant to share because it needs so much improvement, but that will come with time. Videography is so much different than photography but I love it because you can tell someone's story in motion.  There are several things I learned while making this that I will post after the movie.

Untitled from Aja Vaught on Vimeo.

Ok, so as you can see...so.much.i.need.to.learn.period.  First of all, I need a stabilizer so I am an researching making a homemade version.  Second of all, FOCUS.  You have to manually focus which is difficult when you can see to well to being with and you're looking at a very small monitor and you're chasing after a moving target trying not to shake the camera.  That will take practice.  I will get it down and I promise they will rock!  Finally, I may need to buy a better editing program like Final Cut.  iMovie does pretty good, but I would like more consistent control over the colors.  That is that.  Oh, and one final thing I absolutely must say is 'Thank You' to my dear ole' dad for making it possible for me to have this camera  so I can do something I love.  He has always encouraged us kids to be creative and use our abilities whether it be art, music, photography or in this case videography.  Dad...I love you like biscuits and gravy ;)  Thank You.


Celeste Vaught said...

Absolutely AWESOME Aja. I almost cried watching that with the music. Beautiful.

The Vaught's said...

Thanks Celeste! Even though you're opinion is biased ;)

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