07 February 2011

Snowboarding in Oklahoma

Snowboarding in Oklahoma?  Yes, apparently it can be done.  Saturday we hit the slopes, I mean the hills in town to go sledding and snowboarding with some friends and to our surprise everyone else in town had the same idea.  Isabella said "Mama, I had such a good time at the mountain."  I said "Huh?  Oh, you mean the hill.  There's actually a football field underneath all that snow."  Poor baby:(  Even mole hills look like mountains to her.  This snow is getting to all of us.  We brought the dogs and the kids and spent the day playing in the snow.  It was fun, but I've still had enough.  Schools have been closed since last Tuesday, they're closed again tomorrow and there's 4-10 inches coming tomorrow.  They haven't even plowed ALL the streets and side streets are a wreck!  Anyways, enough of that.  It's about perspective.  We could look at it like this...

Oh, wait...we DID!  Wasn't it a fews months back.  An earthquake, here in middle America.  We all felt it.  What is Oklahoma coming to?  Did you hear that... did you?  It's California calling our name.   We already have to deal with earthquakes, tornados, floods, blizzards.  What's next Tsunami's?  It wouldn't surprise me.

Blizzard 2011
In the meantime, we're preparing for yet another storm.  Jude's room is getting a major makeover, which includes one of Mr. Vaught's fine furnishings, a loft bed.  The playroom has to go for sanity sake.  Two kiddos each with their own room + a huge playroom = messy messy messy.  So, we're downsizing a bit and we'll now have a nice guest room for all of our unwanted house guests :)  Just kidding of course, about the unwanted.  Well sort of ;)  


Celeste Vaught said...

love it & the pix!

The Vaught's said...

Thanks Celeste :) We miss you guys!

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