28 July 2008

Evolution and a 5 year old...

A few minutes ago:

Bella: "Mommy, did you know that some people say that people come from animals!
Some say that we come from monkeys!"

Me: "Who says that?"

Bella: (frustrated with me as usual) "Some people! Nobody I know though."

Me: "Oh, o'kay. What do you think about that?"

Bella: "It's weird." (She made her stinky face)

Then moments later Jude comes into the room.

Jude: "Mama, I hungey."

Me: "You are?"

Jude: "Yeah, I didn't eat bekfest." (It's 5:15 here, now do you
REALLY think the child did not eat breakfast?)

So not only are our children learning the theory of evolution, but they're starving as well!

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