30 June 2008

Oh goodness me...where have we been? We have been away for the past 3 days and last week was b-u-s-y. We had a great upbuilding weekend and then Monday hits with a bang!!! As usual ;) Unfortunately, I think I have a sinus/ear infection so I have an 8:15 am appointment with the doctor in the morning. Then...if I'm feeling any better I'm going to take Flossy and Ro to see Wall-E. Ro is a HUGE "o-bot" fan and will be thrilled to pieces and Bella loves going to the movies and getting butter loaded popcorn. Who am I kidding, so do I!

So, after a day of tyring to get "caught up" while feeling under the weather, I thought I might outta catch up with everyone.

Bedtime around here has become a strategic plot by the kids to see how long they can stay up. Isabella is reading faster and faster everyday and so that makes it go a little quicker, but Jude has to chat about every picture in the book whilst I read it (picture that sentence said with a Bri-ish accent;). Isabella has this bear, "Frasier", that Auntie Nikki bought her when she was a newborn. She still sleeps with him and totes him around n all our trips. He has actually been a great comfort object for her and made weening from breastfeeding and the pacifier very smooth. Jude,on the other hand was never fond of a comfort buddy. He just liked nursing and was quite attached to his "mi-mi" (Binky). Now, all of a sudden, he has "my Frasier" which is a blue pancake bear given to him as a newborn from our sweet Weiss's. Well...there has been no affection for this bear until tonight when we couldn't find him!!!! Isn't that how it works? All we wanted was for them to go to sleep b/c they are both over tired and Jude was up all night. Well...after looking for him, I spotted him in the dark under Jude's bed. Now, he has already gotten up out of his bed twice and I'm sure that's nothin' compared to tonight. That, ladies and gentlemen, is why there will be no more babies on board for this house! OK, now we can make that 3 times! Ugggghhhh!

So, this is not much of a post and I don't even have a picture to post, but I promise I will. Hopefully I can post some video this week b/c we just bought a camcorder that store video on sandisk and burns to your computer's hard drive. A lot cheaper than anything else on the market and in my opinion much cooler.

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S&G's Mom said...

Thanks for the recipe and all the links on your last post. I can't wait to make the cookies. Talk to ya later.

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