05 June 2008

Where is my mind?

Ok, what I meant to say is where have I been? Not blogging that's for sure. I promised myself that I would commit to this blog and I am a week behind on posting! It just hasn't been a hugely exciting week, so not much to blog. I will say that Jude has been going potty this week, sucessfully in the beginning and now we are back to sqaure one. I was so proud of him when he told me he said "Inee go potty" and thought, wow he really gets this. Well, what he was getting was go potty and she'll give me a gummy bear. Oh well, tommorow's a new day ;)

Tuesday we went to lunch with Pawpaw (my dad), Uncle Charlie and Aunt Audrey at the Brook then we went swimming with Stephanie and Alex. Bella is swimming great with her water wings and Jude is getting brave.

We cleaned house Wednesday and Ethan came over and spent the night. Tonight was fun for many reasons. Tristan took Jude with him this evening to run some errands (ie get mommy some cookies) and Bella and I had some good cuddle time. I read to her and she read 2 early readers to me. That girl can read! I was so impressed at how fast she is, despite my lack of help teaching her. No, there will not be a pole on should I homeschool her or not! LOL! We had some giggles and hugs and she fell fast asleep at 6:30 (not her typical bedtime). Her and Ethan stayed up until 11 pm last night and she woke up at 6 am so she was tired. Then Jude got home with daddy and we played "iderman" with him and "obot". He webbed us and then we carried on into the bedroom where mommy was a monster. It was all fun and games until the "obot" fell of our bed head first. I was thinking broken collar bone, some sort of a fracture. I ended the game ubruptly b/c the wailing didn't stop. He stopped when he heard the game was over and said "i bine"! I love one on one with my kids. I love them together. Can I just say, I love my kiddos. My big kiddo isn't too bad either ;)

So, before I bore you anymore, I will post some pics. They're not new b/c I'm still trying to figure out my new Nikon D300 (thanks daddy-my daddy that is)! But I am getting there :)

This photo was taken by Jessica from Fizzy Art Photography

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