15 June 2008


That's what this post is all about! We are counting down...1 month until vacation. Ahhh, the warm Florida sun, sand on my feet, Fat Tuesdays bushwhackers, Seaside, just plain old peace and quiet, watching the kids build sandcastles, boogie boarding, watching the dolphins and so much more. I love the drive down as well. The south is so inspiring to me, driving through little towns that you know are filled with so much history and lots of vintage goodies, the small poor towns that tell a story, the fruit and veggie stands and you know you're getting close when you see Palm trees for sale! No, it's not Hawaii or the Caribean. Just the good ole' south! We can't wait! This year we're blessed to have my little sis go with us so things will be even better ;)

Well...last week was the pits due to rain and apparently we're supposed to get just as much this week. So long tan before vacation, hello big reflector on the beach (me). We had lots of fun this weekend though. Dad, Charlie and Audrey came over last night for some amazing steaks, jalapeno sausage brats, corn on the cob, salad and strawberries. YUM! Dad grills the best food that I ever had. The kids played in the kiddie pool and we listened to the Foxboro Hot Tubs (Green Days new band) and then watched some golf. That's about it. Oh, Tristan let me sleep in until 10 am Saturday morning (Ro did't sleep Friday night for some reason) and when I woke up, he was getting the kids dressed (he even fixed Miss B's hair) and packed up to take them to Riverside to toss the frisbee to Fiona. I was a little worried that she might run away seeing as how she doesn't go off the leash, but they said she did great! Despite being untrained. Tristan said she started barking at a dog who was being walked by a young couple and the dog did not bark back. After they passed our ill behaved dog they rewarded their baby with a treat. Uh, yeah, it's obvious they don;t have kids!!! Just kidding...no really though, they just have more time to train their dog, right? LOL. While they were playing, I was waking up slowly to a few morning cups of joe and then started cleaning and doing laundry.

I got my Rancho Gordo beans in the mail straight from Napa Valley the other day. I can't wait to make them and make some honey corn bread. I'm sure the kids will be thrilled seeing as how they got raw veggies, fruit and a turkey roll up for dinner tonight. Um...yum mom. Isabella was thrilled b/c she loves raw veggies, but Jude was like "i not hungry" so I'm sure he WILL be eating breakfast and it won't be muffins like this morning ;)

Isn't the packaging great?

Molly is coming to play tomorrow and Flossy is so excited! They haven't seen each other for 2 whole weeks. We'll have to make some more banana bread because the kids ate one loaf in a day and a half. I think I'll make a full loaf and 3 mini loafs to freeze. Can you freeze banana bread? If not, I'm sure we'll eat it.

Oh, I have not forgotten about those of you who commented, you know who you are and you'll be getting a surprise soon!

Well...what's a post without some pictures. There's a broad spectrum of processing including "vintage film". Have I mentioned how much I love my beautiful kiddos, my husband and yes my little shedding, disobedient fleabag?

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