22 June 2008

Blueberry pie, walk on by...

I love that song. Now, we don't have blueberries, but we do have lots of blackberries! We went blackberry picking this weekend and the kiddos just loved it. Jude dove right in like a pro and Isabella did too. Then Aunt Sarah came over and watched them while we went suit shopping. There was an older man who helped us. Apparently he was from Chicago and he talked about the Fish Keg off Howard and then we started talkling about Chicago pizza. It made me crave Giordanos and reminded about there shipping option. Nikki sent us some pizza from them one year for our Anniversary. It arrived packed in dry ice and was sooooo good! I miss Giordanos, Navy Pier, our cute little apartment a block from he L and 4 blocks from Lake Michigan. I miss Michigan Ave, Lake Front Drive, walking around in Evanston, Anthropologie. I miss Chi-Town. We might be going in September to see Andrew Bird and take the kids. That or Branson (I've never been) with Uncle Rob and Aunt Celeste.

Ok, so now for the pictures. The sun was right about us and no shade so the colors are harsh and the shadows are bad, but I love them anyways.

So now for Tristan's photos :) I'm so proud!!!

And last but not least, with his underwear on. Well...at least he thought he was putting his underwear on. It was actually a pajama tank! LOL!

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Celeste said...

Love, love, love these photos - especially the last one. Priceless.

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