15 June 2008

I can make that and remote thief...

So this is an attempt to feed my frenzy and vent some steam. Now, Tristan is a good man, a really good man, but sometimes....nevermind. Just let me explain. He's handy, he can build furniture, sew anything, upholster and build things. Truly he is talented. I have learned, though, that if I want to buy something, do not tell Tristan. Y a know why? Because I get the good ole "I can make that". Tonight he proceeded to tell me that he can make the dog a new frisbee! Ay yae yea (me slapping my forehead). Yeah honey, like the 15 tons of cement and wooden post sitting outside our house that are someday going to be a privacy fence. Ok sweetie, you go ahead and make the dog a frisbee.

Next, he is a remote hog. Now, I know this is a common trait of the male species so I have to let it slide, but let me tell you...I used to actually like the history channel and discovery. Ok, so right now I got up to get a drink and I come back and the movie I'm watching is off and he's watching Discovery. So, that's not bad right? Well, not really, but the point is SHARE!!!!! So, like I said, to feed my frenzy I will now award him with the MERMAN OF THE YEAR award. I love you honey :)

And Discovery Channel, I still do love you, especially for this commercial :) READERS: Please mute the music player at the bottom of the page so you can hear the Disocery song :)

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jessica said...

This totally cracks me up! Because my husband does the EXACT same thing...we were just in a store the other night, looking at some abstract canvas art prints to use as studio props. He says..."We could make that." I just gave him the look and shook my head...then laughed!! Anyway, good to know it's a common characteristic!

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