01 June 2008

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We sure did ;) Nothing special, just family time that was much needed. We had wicked storms today as many of you know, but we still have power! On a side note, let me just say that our kids are hornery. Bedtime is such a time of procrastination. After a major meltdown when Jude was woken up (he fell asleep at 5ish), we managed to feed them dinner (good old annie's organic ravioli). Then, daddy read them a few bible stories and whisked Jude away to bed (for real this time). I proceeded to lay with Isabella until she stuck her slimey little finger in my ear! Oh yes, she has discovered the "wet willy" (thank you veru much daddy) and she is GOOD. Anyways, after a few games of that I kissed her goodnight and here I am typing.
Isabella is sleeping and as I'm typing Jude is hiding in the hallway unaware that I KNOW he is awake! That's the other hornery child. Oh well, life is good :) So, who's the sneakiest? I'll let you decide.

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