27 June 2008


Two weeks until vacation and counting! And since I don't have any pictures to post and we'll be at our 3 day district convention for the next 3 days, I am going to leave you with lots of cool stuff to look at until I get back! I hope everyone has a great weekend. Especially my dear Weiss' ;) Enjoy your vacation super tons :)

Now, many of you have asked for the super gooey low-fat chocolate cookies so go here. They are delish...and low-fat.

For those of you with affection for man's best friend, you can get the cutest collars from Lucky Fiona. We bought this for our little Fiona and she loves it! Be sure to check all her collars.

If you want some free pics go here and they will give you 200 free prints and a free 8x8 photo book!

I just found this out a few months ago b/c we don't have one. If you have a little boy and like cheap t-shirts and shorts hat aew cute visit Crazy8.com. They are like Old Navy, but owned by Gymboree. They have girls clothes too!

I love, love, love Crewcuts. It's J Crew for wee ones and I must say I love, love, love their sales only!

Cute paperdolls to download by Weewonderfuls.

This will make you laugh!

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Seth said...

Thanks for the clothes links. I need to get the kiddies some more summer clothes. And $10 shorts x 4, is some serious money, know what I'm sayin'?

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