20 June 2008


I couldn't think of a more appropriate title! First of all, remember the debit card story? Well...I was sitting at the bank yesterday cleaning out my wallet and low and behold behind my drivers liscence was my debit card. Poor Ro was blamed for the whole thing! Anyways, it worked out for the better b/c in canceling the card, we got a much better checking account with rewards and everything! Still, it didn't make Tristan very happy thinking about all the seeking he did.

We were at Target yesterday and an employee came over the intercom and said "Joe Smith, please meet your party at the front of the store." Isabella looked up at me and in a whisper with her little hands clasped around her mouth she said "Mommy! There is a party at the front of the store!" She has been on a kick lately of being very helpful. She doesn't want to be asked to do things either. For example, the other day she woke up, brushed her teeth and made every bed in the house. She loves to help as long as it's her thought and not mine or her daddy's. Like last night, we out for a little while and did some suit shopping for Tristan and had some dinner. It was past their bedtime when we got home s B ran inside, got her pj's on and was heading for the bathroom when Tristan said "let's brush your teeth!". Ok, WRONG thing to say. She was so mad at him. "That's what I was going to do, I wanted to surprise you!" It was a long drag out battle after that. We got past it though, eventually ;)

Jude, well,lets just say I hope the terrible 3's are easier than the terribe 2's! He's mommy's boy and I love that, but stubborn he is. I think he must get that from me as well. We went to Jessica's studio the the other day to play with her lights and see her awesome space. We couldn't get a picture of him even if we were a walking lollipop. He has a love/hate relationship with my camera that even bribery will not fix. Oh well! I got these shots of flossy.

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Celeste said...

Absolutely BEEEEEEEE-U-T-FULL pix of my Bella. What a girl! Love you Bella & how proud I am of your initiative!!! BIG HUG FROM AUNT C.

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