13 January 2011

Home Again, Home Again Jiggity Jig

WARNING...super long post ahead!

We're back from our 10 day trek to Taos, NewMexico.  We had a great time seeing new things and relaxing.  It's nice to not have to be anywhere and to wake up and take each day with a stride.  I did get a little cabin fevery though.  I think I realized that as much as I love the concept of the pioneer days, I am a true city girl at heart.  I'm still craving the west coast and would love to make California our home one day though. We visited some of the most beautiful country we've ever seen in New Mexico.  It's such a spiritual place, so peaceful, so calming.  One day we were visiting some locals selling jewelry and other items on the side of the road by the Rio Grande.  I bought a necklace from one of the guys who told me the locals call it "the city of manana".  You go out to chop some wood and then say "I'll do it manana" meaning tomorrow.  Very laid back place.  I was surprised to see the few restaurants they have cater to those with gluten allergies.  At the Taos Diner I had a gluten free club that was to die for and fries with homemade green chili.  Oh my goodness, their green chili is amazing and very common there.  The red wasn't too bad either :)  Taos is a tiny mountain town with not much to do unless you're in to museums, galleries or snow sports which was fine with us.  It's mysterious and mesmerizing at the same time.  Here are a few highlights from the trip...

Buying an authentic native american drum made at the Taos Pueblo...Fiona's not too crazy about it though.

Actually seeing stars at night...all of them.

The sunsets from our table.

The sunrises from our bed.

Letting the kids get in the hot tub at night to star gaze in sub zero temps and listening to Bella tell me about the ice cycles that formed in her hair.

Playing Farkle and Bella beating us all.

Playing Jenga and Jude beating us all.

The mountains.

Our almost trip down the spiral icy road to see the John Dunn Bridge at the bottom of the Rio Grande Gorge which lead us exploring.

Our exploration of the beautiful countryside, getting lost in it and taking pictures of it...thank you Lola for helping us (our nav system).

Arroyo Seco and buying pillows from a beautiful sweet lady who made them from vintage kiln rugs.

Eating green chili.

Driving out of the way to O'Keefe country and Ghost Ranch to see the actual landscape that inspired Georgia O'Keefe's paintings.  Breathtaking.  Thanks Celeste :)

Hearing Bella talk about her trip to the Fechin Museum with her aunt and uncle while the Mr. and I got to spend some one on one time with our little man.

Did I mention the mountains?

Visting Santa Fe and walking though the plaza.

Getting a refund at the Santa Fe Children's Museum because it was LAME (but wait, we don't say that word) and not being embarrassed to ask.  Come on', it was preschool day!

Visting the earth ships and at that moment thinking how cool it would be to live in one and actually considering it.

Re-considering on buying an earth ship!  I can just imagine what people would think if we told them we were buying an earth ship and moving to the mountains :)

Making fun of Rob for sticking his nose in a book the first 3 days.  Wait, was he there at first?

Waking up one morning and hearing Jude say "Go away mom, we're not doing anything!"  Then they brought us thank you cards they made for us (with their aunt's help) with handmade potato stamps.

Watching Celeste paint the sunrise and watching her paint with the kids.

Going to a photographers gallery who was so inspiring and getting tips from him, then being invited back to shoot with him...so cool :)

Joking about booga booga.

Hiking in the snow in our backyard.

Jude.  His funny sayings and comments, so cute.  His cuddles and kisses.

Bella.  Her goofiness and maturity.  She is growing up and is fun to hang out with like a grown up.

Reading the Little Prince to my babies...including Mr. Vaught...he loves that book and I always find him at the foot of the bed listening along.

Almost peeing my pants when standing on the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.  Thanks dad for my fear of heights :)

Spending ten days with some of my most favorite people.

Missing home and being happy to be home to see our friends and family.  Home is definitely where the heart is.  I can make my heart go to southern California though :)

So, it's good to be back.  These last few months have flown by.  My granny visited for 2 weeks then our friend Eric flew in from Cali for a week and a half, then our trip.  In one year, we've been to Missouri, Michigan, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, California, and Arizona.  We have plans to buy a vintage shasta and head west for vacations.  This summer....Disneyland, Yosemite, then up to San Francisco, Big Sur, then Modesto to stay with Eric (when he gets back from Thailand) then a little tour of Napa, then home.  That was our plan.  Now, i'm thinking home sounds pretty good.  I think we're about vacationed out.  I don't know...ask us in about 2 months :)

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