28 January 2011

That Food Guy.

It's a sad state of affairs.  I have nothing worthy to blog about so I'll leave with you a picture of the "food guy".  That's what Jude calls himself.  I bought the great chefs hats at Michaels the other day and "the food guy" decided he wanted a picture of himself and his apprentice in front of the fridge, with the fridge door open mind you and a stick of butter in his face.  Go figure.  Apparently he wants to start a kid foodie blog.  As if I have time for that!  Wouldn't that just be so cute though.  I may have to do a vlog post one day of him cooking.  He's a strange one, takes after his dad.  Anyways, they love to cook and when I have the patience and the sanity I let them help.  I found some really great kiddie gadgets here so they can peel, cut and measure to their little hearts content.  Not sure what's up with the look on Bella's face.  Poor baby had the flu over the weekend and then back to the dr. wednesday with a secondary sinus infection.  She's pretty sick of being sick.

Oh, and speaking of Michaels earlier, if you love dollar bins as much as I do, you must go and check out all the goodies they have.  I bought paper doilies (green and white), cupcakes stencils, rooster coaster (cute ones), chef's hats, a wooden play pizza and cookies, grocery pad, cupcake toppers, etc...  I could have bought out the whole section, minus the Paula Dean stuff (I don't much care for her).  They even had some adorable grocery pads for toddlers with pictures that I didn't buy because, well, I don't have toddlers anymore (sob, sob).  I looked for something like that years ago.  It's just not fair that when I'm done having babies, they come out with all kinds of cute stuff!  Anyways, I'm looking forward to 69 degrees today.  Time to wash the snow off the car (only for it to snow again Monday/Tuesday).  Makes me want to move to Cali that much more, the crazy Oklahoma weather.  Have a super great weekend!

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