19 January 2011

Blurb Blog Books

So, the whole reason for this little commentless blog is to document this time in our lives.  The happenings, the sayings, the moments, the stress, the happiness, things we like, etc...  Then, at the end of the year, I have the blog made into a book and waalaaa...we have a family yearbook.  I have used 2 different companies in the past, blog2print and blurb.  Both were user friendly, but I have to say I like blurb the best.  I love the wrap around photo cover option and you can customize the posts more. It did take awhile to get it (almost a month), but well worth the wait.  The whole book cost about $45, but the cost was worth it too.  Google coupons if you're not on their email list.  There is usually always a coupon for free shipping or % off or 2 for 1.

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Leecy said...

this is such a genius idea! i wish i would have thought about it so i could have started blogging a long time ago!! Now i just have to get my picture taking skills on track so they are worth printing, i cant wait to do this!

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