23 January 2011

Dreaming of...

Photo Source: Butterfly Foodie

Winter and I only get along for so long.  The short days, the cold, the wet slushy mucky snow could never comeback and I would.  be.  fine.  just.  fine.

But, seasons come and go so in the meantime I'm dreaming of summer, planning our garden, looking at vintage travel trailers, and imaging all the photos I'll be taking in the warm summer light.

My little B is sick with the flu and I'm counting the days until we all get it.  Fortunately, we caught it quick so the Tamiflu is working.  We've all been a little run down lately, but we'll keep on trucking and dream of summer.  Oh how I absolutely LOVE and adore summer!

Have a happy Sunday!  We're sanitizing and washing hands like crazy over here.  This morning Bella looked at us with droopy eyes and little pout and said "I just wish I could have a hug".  I couldn't resist.  After all, it's just the flu ;)

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Celeste Vaught said...

Oh, I'm sorry Bella - it's awful to be sick.

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