21 March 2009

Zoo Fun.

So I woke up yesterday morning and much to my dismay it looked very cloudy. This was supposed to be a fun day and so I quickly started brainstorming. Then the rain started. I sent a text to my friend Sunnie stating that we would not be able to go to the zoo. Well long story short, the rain stopped and the sun started peeking out from behind the clouds. We bundled up, packed up and loaded up to brave the zoo. I anticipated school bus after school bus and huge crowds, but was surprised when we arrived. Don't get me wrong, it was a little crowded, but not bad for spring break. I of course was under dressed in a short sleeve shirt with no jacket, but eventually it warmed up and the kids ended up shedding layers. We had so much fun! I usually dread the zoo, but have to admit the last few times we've been have been a blast. The kids ended up playing on the playground for a long time which they needed too :)

Today we were supposed to garden, but instead I am grocery shopping and buying garden supplies. Does anyone know where you can buy Vermiculite? I'm a little worried b/c our lettuce and carrots need to be in the ground now and we have a long way to go before we're ready to plant. I am excited about our window estimate today though! I also got a call from my granny and she plans on staying with us in April for a whole month! You know what that means...good home cooking...a babysitter...a storyteller...a laundry doer...and a summer clothes maker ;)

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