19 March 2009

Toothless Grin.

And I love it! It finally happened Saturday at my grandma's house. Interestingly enough, she walked for the first time at her house as well. Mamaw was pretty proud of that fact. And now, Bella has tooth #2 loose.

Friday night our best friends, Kim & James, drove to Fayetteville (where we were) and convinced us to go to a show with them. We saw these guys and they were good, real good. Listen to Auditorium or Revolver...awesome!

So, I'm sick and all I wanted today was a bowl of chicken noodle soup, not Campbell's, but good old fashioned homemade soup, ya know, the kind with Ream's Noodles. I didn't make it to the store though so I settled for some tomato soup. I have found the best already made convenience tomato soup on the market.

I really should have gone to Whole Foods today, but didn't b/c the crud has made me feel pretty bad. Today was the day however, to pick up our order from the Coop

Coop Order:

Homemade organic biscuit mix
Six Herb organic bread mix
3 dozen organic eggs (fresh eggs keep for 1 month in the fridge)
4 pounds organic beef

I don't buy the whole chickens b/c well, that just grosses me out. I also don't usually buy produce b/c the coop is a once a month thing. I just buy all my produce from Whole Foods. I'm hoping we'll have lots of veggies from our garden this year and I won't have to buy any.

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