28 March 2009

Spring has not sprung!

I have always had faith in the weatherman. Why? I don't know. When everyone else says "yeah, yeah...sure it's going to snow or rain, etc...", I say "yeah...it will...Travis Meyer's says that it will!". Well, supposedly last month we were supposed to have a really bad ice storm, like the one last year. We went out and bought a generator, went shopping, the works. It didn't happen. So, I lost a little faith in the weather man. I put away the snow gear and put my spring hat on and equipped myself for beautiful spring weather. What happens? It SNOWS! I am not a big fan of the snow. It's cold, wet and well COLD! I usually pray for one good snow a year and that's usually what we get. Apparently, winter is not over in OK b/c it snowed this morning and is still snowing and it's DEEP. I wasn't too thrilled, mainly b/c I wasn't prepared (and remember snow IS cold), but that all changed when I saw the looks on Flossy and Ro's faces this morning. So, off I went trudging through our mess of a storage to find "the tub" off winter duds. So, we bundled up and out we forged. It was a blast! Fiona hopping through the snow like a rabbit, catching snowballs in he air and eating them was one of the highlight's for the day. Topping the day was our family snowman and snow forge that we built. Then we went inside for a cup of hot cocoa, then grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. What a day :) Maybe we should move back to Chicago :) NOT!!!!

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