24 March 2009

Bubble Prints & Cheese Sandwiches

Judo is fast asleep in slumbering bliss and Bella is in Barbie Land. I managed to make myself a cheese sandwich for lunch. Yes, you heard me correct...a cheese sandwich. It was smothered in Miracle Whip and American cheese. The only thing missing was white bread which I can't remember the last time I actually had white sandwich bread, Rainbow Bread that is. Anyways, it was good :) When I was in kindergarten I used to eat miracle whip sandwiches. It consisted of 2 slices of Rainbow Bread and probably 6 tbs of Miracle Whip! That reminds me of something. When we used to go to Tristan's Mum and Dad's we would get hungry. So his mum's response was "We have mayo, cheese, turkey, lettuce, tomato, etc....". In other words, she could have just said we have sandwiches. But the long list made her fridge sound so much fuller and appetizing. We all joke about this still ;)

After home school and before lunch today we decided to make bubble prints. This is how it went (reminds me of bubble tea):

Enjoy the rest of Tuesday! The kiddos are up and we're off to the park!

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