31 March 2009

These are a few of their favorite things...

because I have nothing better to post about. I also realize that this may not be a popular post b/c it may urge some to spend money and well with this economy I know that more frugal posts are necessary. Like free ideas, crafts, patterns and the like. But I'm all our of ideas although I do have 2 sewing projects started so I will share those soon :)

The kids are BOTH really into Playmobile. We have started collecting them, and collecting is the right terminology. I still have sticker shock every time I pay for one ;) These are our newest members... I love how well they share them and play together (it's funny secretly listening tto them), the only downfall is the teeny tiny pieces.

Something else we stumbled upon is The Little Book of...Make Your Own Stories. Bella loves these little books b/c she is constantly writing and illustrating her own stories.

I also love the Rosie Flo's coloring books. They are also make Johnny Joe for boys. Check out her website!

Finally, everyone needs a copy of this book for Spring!

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday evening :) I plan on getting our sleepy little monkeys to bed early and watching the Biggest Loser with one of my favorite people. We usually top off the evening with dessert. Guess we won't be the biggest losers :0 I think I may finish our garden plans. Looks like the Weiss clan may have a head start on their seeds. No seed starting for us, no transplants. I'm getting a little nervous now ;) It turns out I should be gardening this weekend, but I have a photo session scheduled for Friday evening and Saturday! Will our garden ever come to be? I also am on the hunt for vermiculite! Ok, so I'm off to call Ted and Debbie's and lots of other nurseries in a hunt for the goods! Peace ;)

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