27 March 2009

Sixteen, Smoothies and Light

Not much has been going on except for long days watching the rain and being cooped up. Tomorrow will be no different. Looks like building the boxes for our garden will have to wait again.

Monday we are starting the green smoothie challenge so I may need to blender shop tomorrow for something a little more powerful than our whimpy blender. I refuse to buy the $400 Vitamix though, at least until I know I will stick with it (who am I kidding...I probably won't). I would at least like an "E" for effort ;)

My little sister Audrey will be 16 in a few days which is shocking to me to say the least. Does time really speed up that much as you get old(er)? Sarah will be a Senior in HS and my little bubby is 13 (he's such a little man in the making, the girls are already gaga over him)! I'm thinking with driving abilities I may not see Auggie as much although she has promised to teach me how to play the guitar.

We had a little sunshine Wednesday so I was able to take some natural light shots of the kids. We had fun :)

My Professor

Future Photographer

Bella's New Kicks

My boy...not daddy's boy ;)

They made beautiful cupcakes

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