01 December 2008


Well...this morning was a typical Monday...lazy! We implemented a new chore chart and allowance for the kids so Isabella has been eagerly abiding. She got herself dressed this morning which yes, I have been doing it for her before school. So she was ready extra early this morning and they played with our new homemade playdough and then Bella was whisked off to school. I hate it. 5 days solid with her and now she's at school all day! I think about what she is doing and miss her at lunch. We may just have to go eat with her today. I told Jude we would make a trip to Kiddlestix, I have some shopping to do, he has some playing to do. I am also going to try and get him involved in something like Little Gym or something kid related, although I hesitate due to cold and flu season. Bella will probably bring something home anyways so why not!

Last night my little sisters called me up and wanted me to go see Twilight. Of course Bella protested wih tears and that's not fair's. I knew nothing about it and so I had to do some research before accepting the invite! I loved it and now I want to read the books! Everyone in the movie was so pretty to look at it was hard not to like ;) It was like 2 hours of eye candy!!!! LOL!

So, that is our day in a nutshell so far. I need to go to Whole Foods for groceries at some point, but grocery shopping? Ugggggghhhhh! We also have some wood floor shopping to do this evening. Have a great MoNdAy! No pics, but a good video to share :) Oh how You Tube bails me out!

Just in case you were wondering:

Ok, so it looks like a silly little vampire movie, but let me tell you it was the cleanest movie I have seen in awhile. No sex(they kiss), no cussing, one scene that was violent but not at all gorey. It is a love story and a sweet one. Although the movie did have its moments of cheddar ;)

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