30 December 2008

Today I took the kids to see Marley and me with Aunt Sarah. I was shocked to say the least. I loved it from an adult's perspective, but not for 6 year old's and under. It had pretty adult content, lots off cussing and talk about things that I wasn't ready to explain. Jennifer Anniston, or Jenny, in the movie gets prego, miscarries and then gets prego right after. It shows her having labor pangs and Bella looks at me in the most sincere and worried fashion and says "Mommy, how did she have a baby?" Then "will I get a baby?" followed. Then "does it hurt?" Then "I don't want to have a baby, do I have to?" YIKES! I knew it was coming, but so soon with the questions? She has had such an inquisitive mind lately. So, how did I answer her you ask? I said, "Let's just talk about it after the movie."

Well...while sitting at the dinner table tonight she asked again. My rather mature 17 year old sister started laughing, I looked at Tristan and he looked at me, one of us hoping the other would answer. We gave her a very simple answer about seeds and babies grow, yada yada yada, and she was pleased. This time. Anyways, don't take your kids to see it! The theatre was packed with little kids...there will be lots of "splanin" to do tonight! It was cute, but too adult for little ones.

After the movie we spent some time in the fresh air and I became mamarazzi.

Jude tried to pose for me.

Bella has no problem facing a camera.

Even Fiona was feelin' it.

And some doggy sun flare for your pleasure.

Mr. Man finally decides to look at the camera...and this is what he gives me...stinker.

Bella's adorable piggies.

More of Bella's adorable piggies.



So sweet...now what did you ask us earlier?

And last but not least...proof that I can knit ;)

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