03 January 2009


So this past 4 day weekend we installed our new hardwood floors and I am happy to say that tonight they are complete! It's been a hard couple of days, but it was worth every moment. I have to commend our extremely resilient kids who were such troops throughout the whole process. I actually laid the floors too which was kind of empowering. Today I took a break and Mr. Vaught had a helper and I took the kids for a bike ride and some much needed outdoor/quality time. Bella spent Friday night with our friends Jeremy and Lacy. They adopted kids for the weekend and had a snow party at their house. They were so brave-8 girls! Isabella had so much fun and didn't want to come home, but who could blame her? Home was saw dust haven! We have everything somewhat put together with the exception of the white paint that will go on our walls, a new dining set, new pillows and new curtains as well as a rug. But I am just SOOOOO glad the floors are finuto :) Thanks Mr. Vaught for your diligence and hardwork...love you :)

Pre-Wood Floors

Lacy's adorable snowflakes for the party.


Anonymous said...

You're welcome baby! Thank you for all your hard work and contributions too!! Love you.

Celeste Vaught said...

Looks fabulouso!

Anonymous said...

Lacy- you look absolutely gorgeous! Miss you good buddy.

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